The H in your marketing mix

What distinguishes us from an ordinary transporter? We do not see ourselves as just a link in your logistics process but more as an integral part of your marketing mix.

Therefore Huisman:
1. We know every detail of your customers’ wishes and keep them up to date in our systems. Prior to arrival, the driver sees all the important details on his screen, enabling him to make a perfect delivery and contribute to customer satisfaction.

2. Through warehousing in the UK and the Netherlands, we can offer physical presence on both sides of the Channel, close to your customers. This provides you with an extra sales argument.

3. Thanks to our distribution organisation and structure in Corby, and cooperation with a selection of partners that deliver the same service and performance requirements, we can achieve next-day deliveries and deliveries within 4 hours throughout most of England.

4. RF scanning and an advanced WMS package has reduced our handling time and increased our accuracy and, with regard to warehouse operation, we can integrate the administration completely in your business process.

5. We guarantee and watch over a continuously high level of service and performance by making concrete and measurable agreements with you. We always send lists with figures about our performance along with our invoices. This means that you are also able to make concrete agreements with your own customers regarding performance.

6. We offer you efficient data exchange. If necessary, our IT department will contact yours and arrange an optimal link between the two systems.

7. Together, we can discuss possible solutions in other parts of your organisation (sales, marketing, logistics and management).
In short, we offer you a solid and demonstrable financial benefit. Not by charging the lowest rates but by improving your competitive position and customer satisfaction. If you think this can give you an edge then we really need to talk. Try us!