Why Huisman

Huisman Group (85 employees, head office in Wijchen, the Netherlands) is a logistics service provider with all specialities in the field of logistics under one roof.

The H in your marketing mix

How we distinguish ourselves from a normal logistics service provider and/or transporter? We do not view ourselves solely as a link in your logistics process, but mainly as a part of your marketing mix. Apart from our UK and Ireland speciality, we offer European and worldwide coverage.

Hence Huisman:
1. We know the ins and outs of your customer's wishes and keep these up-to-date in our systems. Before arrival, the driver is presented with all important details on his screen so he can make a perfect delivery and contributes to your customer satisfaction level.

2. Thanks to warehousing in both England and the Netherlands, we offer a physical presence on both sides of the Channel; close to your customers (this is an additional sales argument on the English market especially).

3. Thanks to our distribution organisation and structure in Corby and the cooperation with a selection of partners that deliver according to the same service and performance standards, we can realise next-day deliveries and deliveries within 4 hours in the whole of England.

4. Thanks to our carefully selected partners using our "Huisman genes&guot;, we offer perfect European and worldwide service

5. We guarantee and monitor a continuous, high level of service and performance by means of making solid measurable agreements with you. Along with our invoices, you will receive lists containing our performance figures. This means that you can make equally solid agreements with your customers.

6. We offer flawless data exchange. If required, we have our IT department discuss matters with yours for an optimum connection between our systems.

7. We have a solution-oriented mindset for various departments within your organisation (sales, marketing, logistics, management).

In short, we offer solid, demonstrable financial benefits; not by means of the lowest rates, but by improving your competitive position and customer satisfaction level. If we provide a difference, then we really need to meet. Try us!

Would you like to know more? Please contact us at: tel. +31 (0)24 3718900 or send an e-mail to: info@huismangroup.com. We will be at your service.