A note from John Scholten:

Huisman Delivers:

The past years have truly been successful. Apart from our existing customers, a significant number of new customers made a conscious decision to choose for the Huisman Group.

Last year, among other things, we started next-day delivery of high-tech consumer products anywhere in the UK for very challenging addresses, such as the Amazon and Dixons branches. Moreover, we have been facilitating the delivery of treatment/nursing beds to the right departments in, for example, a hospital within the UK and Ireland.

Our entire team is ready for you as the expert for all your activities that are a part of your supply chain in Great Britain and Ireland. We can do so with the help of two of our own branches in Nijmegen and in Corby, a central location in the UK. We have state of the art facilities with a total of 20,000 pallet spaces and the corresponding perfect Huisman service provision.

Do you have high-quality goods, vulnerable goods, goods that have to be delivered exactly on time or a combination thereof? We can handle this better than anyone: “Huisman Delivers”.

My goal is to use our performance to help you improve your competitive position and customer satisfaction level. This will provide a significant financial benefit for you.

If you do business in the UK or Ireland, then you cannot make do without us.

Moreover, with Huisman Network Logistics we have offered European and worldwide coverage for all our relations the past three years.

Good business! You are always welcome.

John Scholten
Managing director Huisman Group B.V.