For Berkleba, the stock is no longer a worry

‘Flexibility’ and ‘taking away worries’ are terms that Matthi Rietrae, owner of Berkleba, uses when explaining why his company hired Huisman Group for stock management among other things.

“Huisman Group makes sure that the goods are sent out so I do not have to worry about it. There are days that one pallet is sent out and there are days that twelve pallets need to be shipped. It is not possible to hire someone especially for that purpose. Now&nbps;we are flexible.” Berkleba in Wijchen imports industrial tapes for a broad range of applications, ranging from van masking tape for the vehicle damage industry to highly specialised tapes that can withstand high temperatures. Orders are delivered to the customer or reseller quickly. &ldquo98 per cent of the orders that are placed before 12:00 are delivered to the client the next working day.
As a result, the client requires less stock and realises savings.
That is why we looked for a company such as Huisman with people that can act and anticipate quickly.” Rietrae was originally looking for a partner that could realise storage, order picking and stock management better than Berkleba without a rise in costs. They found that partner in the local company Huisman. “What we do for our customers, Huisman does for us. For a tricky issue, they will always check if they can solve it. Never before have I worked with such a professional company as Huisman.” Every day at 12:00, Berkleba sends an EDI message with the orders of the day and will receive confirmation of it at the end of the day. “And because the stock is always correct we can only give orders of products they have in stock. It's just always right.&rdquo In fact, Huisman monitors the quantities, states Rietrae, inbound as well. “If a manufacturer confirms sending twenty boxes, then they will ensure that they truly arrive. If those boxes of rollers meet our quality standards is our responsibility. After all, it is still our stock.”
The implementation of a new warehouse management system at Huisman is an absolute added value for Berkleba. “It truly went flawless. Thanks to the new WMS we know exactly in which phase of the picking process our orders are. Whether they have been readied for inspection, loaded or still in the picking location;we can track it exactly.”