Coorperation Inventronics Inc.

Inventronics is pleased to announce the opening of 3PL operations in the Netherlands

Huisman Group Wijchen is the 3 PL partner. The purpose of this operation is to facilitate quick sampling for a large variety of Inventronics models, and to help with emergency orders requiring quick delivery of models not in inventories of the customers.

For this long term contract Huisman Group Warehousing, part of the Huisman Group with warehouses in Wijchen (NL) and Corby (UK), will be the 3pl partner and arrange the complete supply chain for Inventronics Inc. Covering the inbound deep see transport, warehousing, order picking including V.A.S/V.A.L. activities and the transports to the European customers. Inventronics Inc. based in Hangzhou, China and Oklahoma City, USA is a global leading manufacturer of high efficiency LED drivers with a large grow potential in Europe.

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